Why do employees ignore me

"Do you know what's so sexy about you?"

It's actually a nice thing to get compliments. If these also come from a Hollywood star, so much the better. One should think so. But when James Franco breathes over the screen to our TV ad expert Kristina Ulbricht how sexy it is that she forgets her lipstick while making out, then she just wants to switch. A comment on currently unsexual advertising.

Whether as a director, screenwriter or actor - James Franco is actually pretty hot and can do almost anything. He was already a magician ("The Wizard of Oz"), drug dealer ("Spring Breakers") and scientist ("Planet of the Apes: Prevolution"). I bought everything from him. But the number in the new Cola Light advertisement? Dear James, please!

With a smug grin, the actor and heartthrob flirts with us girls from the screen. A laugh here, a nod there and we should melt away. But let's not do it - typically women - on principle. James Franco tells us exactly how we are and what we want. He seems to find himself so incredibly irresistible. Nobody wants to see that. What do I think when I see the advertisement? Anyone who feels that way is called urgently needs a cool down. So could someone please shove him into the pool behind him? I also volunteer!

But that's not even the worst thing about this ad, it's that millions of women around the world get the same two compliments! Where are we going? Okay, I'll admit they are good compliments. But that's a completely bad role model for the man's world. Because no, we don't all want to hear the same thing: How beautiful our blue eyes are - especially when they are brown. So to all the guys out there: No! No! No! That's not how it works!

Oh yes and dear James Franco, I am waiting for your personal call with an individual compliment!

Until then, I'll drink Pepsi!